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Singing Rock two-layer sewed sling with eye and wear indicator

  • produced from two items, one inserted into second one
  • outer hollow webbing protects inner red load bearing strap
  • in case of outer webbing damage the user is immediately advised on danger
    and hazard connected with further use by seeing the red colour of inner strap
  • if outer webbing is damaged, eye sling can still hold 22 kN (but SINGING ROCK recommends putting the damaged eye sling out of use at once!)
  • EYE SLING has to be used as a component of a fall arrest system
  • the sling is tested according to EN 354 standard for lanyards and according to
    EN 795B standard for anchor devices
  • different eye color according to length
  • also available in black only
Code length eye color
W2004X060 60 cm • 24 in yellow 30 kN
W2004X080 80 cm • 32 in blue 30 kN
W2004X120 120 cm • 47 in red 30 kN
W2004X150 150 cm • 60 in white 30 kN



black webbing (inner red) and yellow, blue, red or white eye


30 kN


20 mm


60cm, 80cm, 120cm, 150cm


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